Professional Engineering
and Consulting Services

At NoVi Engineering, we are a team of professional engineers focused on finding solutions to our clients' needs.

About Us

The team at NoVi Engineering provides professional services specializing in building restoration and maintenance. The Professional Engineers at NoVi Engineering have extensive experience in property condition assessments and restoration services. 

We work with a wide range of clients from condominium corporations to private owners and property managers, and all levels of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. 

Our experienced team of engineers work with our clients to meet their needs in creative and practical ways that offer an unmatched personal touch. The dedicated and timely approach delivered by NoVi Engineering always provides professional and cost-effective results.


Reserve Fund Studies

Whether you are a new building looking for a comprehensive study, or an established corporation in need of an update, NoVi Engineering is here to help. Our deep understanding of a building’s short-term and long-term needs provide an edge in the thirty year planning cycle that ties technical knowledge into practical and realistic planning.

Parking Garage, Building Envelope, Balcony, Paving, and Roof Investigations

The engineering team at NoVi Engineering provide cost-effective repair options and creative solutions for issues with parking garages, building envelopes, balconies, paves areas, and roofing systems. Our team will provide a detailed review and assessment with your best interests top of mind.

Specification and Tender Documents

Our team of experts will prepare any required scope of work and specification and tender documents to facilitate the submission process for all our clients’ projects. Our specifications include all required materials and submittals, as well as contractural terms and conditions.

Contract Administration, Field Review, and Quality Assurance

Our team of professional engineering experts provide contract administration for all of our projects. 

Communication is paramount in any project. Our engineers and project managers preside over and chair all site meetings to ensure our clients’ needs are met. We resolve issues through experience and creative thinking that optimizes the outcome for all parties.

We oversee and administer all required documentation and issuance of certificates, including meeting minutes, payment certifications, and holdback release pertaining to the contracts. Our professionals carry out field review to meet the needs of specific projects and follow up with regular site visit reports. These reviews ensure construction is carried out in accordance with the intent of the contract and our specification documents, both in terms of material use and quality of workmanship and installation.

"Trust, experience, and integrity that can be counted upon."


Garage Roof Slab Repairs
Roofing System Replacement
Balcony Slab Repairs
Garage Roof Slab Waterproofing Membrane Replacement
Masonry Repairs
Pavement Replacement